Picture This! ~ Nostalgia

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Hello Campers!

Today we are posting our favorite NOSTALGIC  photos. 

You can interpret it as you wish, but to make it easier, you can also post those 'classic' hairstyles you used to sport.

Does it make you nostalgic for soft rollers, aquanet, the distinct smell of getting your hair permed, or your crimping iron?


Which one of these girls were you?


For next week:

Well, I'm torn.  I'm running out of ideas for Picture This! CFs and I like the promotion of camper bonding, but I know some people don't like to post their pics.  So I have a proposal (and rangers can tell me "No" or I can wait until FFA days): I was thinking of turning the Picture This weekly CF into a generic 'Bondfire'.  So every week I'll think of a bonding topic, but once a month we can do  picture bonding one.  Thoughts?

As always, please feel free to comment in here even if you don't post pics. 



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Let's talk about Wondercon since it just happened, have you been there? What adventures can you share with us?


Happy, happy birthday, Baby.

Today at 7:42 AM

Happy Birthday, Kristen WTVOC

Things she likes:

Left Banke

The Colins Firth & O'Donoghue

Any reference to the Regal Beagle or Rudy, from the Capri Lounge

Chocolate Cake

90's grunge music/general culture


purple font

robert downey jr.

debating whether channing tatum is hot or not 

all of you

(p.s. you might not know it, but this girl is perhaps the most honest, genuine, ethical person i know. the world is better because she's in it.)



don't let jandco fool you: he is not hot, but according to an extremely accurate and scientific online quiz, channing tatum is her celebrity boyfriend whereas i scored joseph gordon-levitt (and my husband got seth myers)

The Daily Chew! 4/24

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What the Fic?! 4/24

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HumpDay Games

Wednesday April 23, 2014 at 11:13 AM


Hey everyone! Welcome to the Games!


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This week, let's play a game based on this:



In the actual Twilight books, and many FanFic, The Cullen's and/or Edward are portrayed as being quite wealthy. 


So what would you do, if you had that kinda cash laying around? 

Would you be like most Esme's and work hard at Charitable Things?

Would you be like Carlisle and work your fingers to the bone to keep amassing that money?

Would you be like Alice + spend it all the minute you have it? 





Wednesday Help Desk!

Wednesday April 23, 2014 at 7:01 AM


We here at ADF are a friendly, helpful bunch!

If you have a request for a type of story or a book,
this is your spot.

If you are unsure about something that has to do with ADF,
ask here.

If you have amnesia about a fic,
this is the place to ask about it!

If you are unsure about something that DOES NOT have to do with ADF,
ask here as well!


The Daily Chew! 4/23

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What the Fic?! 4/23

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Fic Diving 4-22-14

Tuesday April 22, 2014 at 9:12 AM


Diving Deep for Fan Fic Treasures

Each week I will brave the treacherous waters of Fan Fiction for buried treasure. Below are the gems I've found this week!

I found a nice chunk of treasure this week. 
I'm really excited for a few of these! 
Not so much angst this week.

Make sure you let'em know you found them in the Forest!

The Lost by mamasutra
Bella Swan was not normal. She had been born with the gift of seeing the dead, but to her it was a curse. She had sworn off her abilities as she returned to her hometown to live out her final year of high school in an attempt at being normal, but nothing is normal when you are the one hope at redemption for the spirit of a lost boy. *paranormal romance & drama*

Bella sees dead people which has caused Renee to commit her on several occasions. Now with Charlie, she's trying to ignore the spirits that seek her in order to appear "normal." Edward is a storied spirit that won't take no for an answer. Love this one! 

Unexpected by opal aline
Unhappy with where life has taken her, Bella seeks a second chance in Hollywood. A struggling single mother, will life get the better of her or take her to unexpected places.

After leaving her cheating jerk husband, Bella relocates to L.A. to start over. Guess who she "unexpected"-ly works for?  He's as dreamy as ever. *sighs*

Summer Rose by natalayx

When Edward is on his summer leave from the Military, Bella finds out she's pregnant, the day before he's due to deploy back. When something goes wrong on a raid, Bella is left scared and anxious; wondering if Edward will make it home to meet their Summer Rose.

Sweet story so far, but you can feel the dramz coming. 

About A Boy by DeeBee7
The story of a free man, a town full of Nanna's and Poppa's, and a little boy called Lucky.

Edward, after serving jail time for the accidental (or so he claims) torching of the local community center, moves back to Forks.  He's cluelessly trying to adapt to life outside.  The quirky townies are keeping this one fun.

Edward Cullen & Friends - Down on the Bayou by Dinia Steel
Sequel to Edward Cullen, FBI Special Agent & Psychic - Edward Cullen is still an FBI Special Agent now visiting his friends, Sam, Angela and Lauren, who own a house boat in the Atchafalaya Basin, with Bella Swan who's no longer with the LAPD. The plan is to start a detective agency with Bella as a full partner. What strangeness will they find in the Louisiana Swamps.

I liked the first story, so I'll keep up with this one as well.  I don't really have any "triggers" we hear so much about, but I have to say that prologue in this one creeped me out.  Also, finally some B&E action!

Pick Up Line by SingoftheLionandLamb
"Hello, I'm Edward Cullen and I would shake your hand but that sign over there says not to touch the masterpieces." Edward, a single and wealthy businessman, gets dared to pick up a girl and it worked out better than he could ever imagined. In fact, she pushes him against a wall, kisses him, and then runs off. AH.

Cute story.  Bella is trying really hard to resist Edward's silly lines and his eccentric brothers.


Do Over by TKegl

Every Christmas Eve, Edward Cullen sits in a bar and regrets the decision he made ten years earlier that tore Bella from him. But when he gets a second chance to right that wrong, it's not quite what he expected.

Empires of the Mind by Hibbleton78
When Bella learns her "ability" is more than a quirk, she must work with new friends to thwart the corrupt organization looking to exploit their powers for personal gain. All human. Complete at 17 chapters.

Thanks for your love for this Campfire! A special thanks to those of you who give me your feedback each week!


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What the Fic?! 4/22

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Celebrating in Style

Monday April 21, 2014 at 1:35 PM

So I’ve got a big ‘0’ birthday coming up… and I’m struggling to figure out a way to celebrate this milestone and get ready for the next.

To make this interactive: How have you celebrated your milestone birthdays?  

Rrandom WIP Fic rec: The Perfect Girl by Mina Rivera


Happy Monday

Monday April 21, 2014 at 7:03 AM

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Welcome to the Monday Morning Hot Guy Campfire. What better way to start your week than a hot guy?

Every Monday, I'm going to dedicate a CF to the Hot Guy of the Week.The catch? The CF can ONLY be about the current nominated guy. 

We all have different tastes in men, so please don't yuck anyone's yum.If you have a man you'd like to see crowned for the week, PM or hit me up on twitter (@ffcherry) with his name


The Daily Chew! 4/21

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What the Fic?! 4/21

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mo kagen

Sneak Peek !

Monday April 21, 2014 at 1:44 AM

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Do you write fan fiction?

Give us a little peek!

excerpt / pictease / music / poem / banners

~ Don't forget to include a link to your story! ~

Pleasant Earth Day, Earthlings


Maps To The Stars Trailer

Sunday April 20, 2014 at 7:33 PM

Not sure if anyone else posted this... The trailer looks pretty awesome. Definitely gives off a very dark vibe. And of course, Rob looks great. Can i just say this... what is it with Julianne Moore? In the space of 2 years, she's got down and dirty with Alexander Skarsgard, and Robert Pattinson, on screen. It's so unfair. And does Cronenberg have a 'car sex' fetish?



Trailer has been moved to the Interior of the CF

Nostalgia Rec: 
Summary: With just weeks to go before the wedding, Edward reveals a secret from his human life which leaves Bella shocked and wondering just how well she knows the man she is about to marry. This is very much an Edward and Bella love story. AU.


Sunday April 20, 2014 at 8:32 AM

To those here who celebrate, Happy Easter!

Candy Lovers Survey

1. What is the best chocolate bar? 

2 What is the best hard candy? 

3 If you could only eat ONE kind of candy for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

4. Russell Stovers, Whitmans or Hershey's Pot of Gold (if they don't have these brands where you live, what brand of boxed chocolates is popular)?

5 What is the worst lollipop flavor? The best?

6 What is the worst type of gum? The best?

7 Cotton candy or candied apples?

8 Snickers or Milky Way (if you have neither where you are, tell us about your caramel-y, nutty candy bars please)?

9 Gummy bears or Jolly Ranchers?

10 What candy looks good, tastes nasty? 

12 What candy was your childhood favorite? 

13 Chocolate bunnies - solid or hollow?  Which part do you eat first?

14 Type of candy you hate, you don't care what anyone else thinks?

15 Jelly beans - a do or a don't?



Easter Noms!

Saturday April 19, 2014 at 1:56 PM

It's a little late for this but whatever.



What are your favorite Easter foods to make and/or eat? Recipes would be awesome but are not necessary.


Also, I am super jealous of WTVOC because she is at WonderCon and she saw the Godzilla clip!


The Daily Chew! 4/19

Saturday April 19, 2014 at 9:04 AM

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